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For example, you should make clear in your employee privacy policy that you will use phone numbers to send messages and you need to keep those numbers secure. Although Marketing SMS Tunisie were fooled by an SMS phishing scheme, they’re certainly not alone in falling victim to an apparently legitimate message from their company’s IT department. In reality, breaches like this are the fault of an aging ecosystem that relies on vulnerable SMS-based communications. Users have grown so accustomed to these messages being authentic that it’s only a matter of time before the next slip makes headlines. Breathe life in your marketing campaigns by reaching out consumers where they exist through SMS marketing. Send text messages to advertise and let your customers know what you are offering.

Say hello to, the intelligent customer communication center for live and automated interactions. Bots & Automation – Automate what can be automated by building AI-powered SMS chatbots. Use bots to take the load off your agents and resolve customer interactions using the latest automation features through the SMS messaging. As important as the substance of a constitution is the process by which it was drafted — if done in an inclusive and consensual manner, it can secure widespread buy-in and legitimacy that allows it to outlast its creator. In this regard, Saied’s approach has failed miserably, having been drafted near unilaterally and behind closed doors.

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It also supports MMS messages and images, which allowed many of our customers to completely stop using fax machines. With this module, you can also easily transfer customers to other communication channels, such as forms, chat, etc. To use our services, we require that our customers obtain express consent from their employees to receive text messages. When gaining consent, you should describe all the types of texts you plan to send.

As of now, most opposition parties plan to boycott the July 25 referendum, arguing the entire process of drafting the constitution has been illegitimate. With neither side showing any sign of compromise, Tunisia’s political crisis will continue, preventing joint action on its tail-spinning economy. Customer Onboarding Learn how to optimize customer onboarding by converting anonymous visitors into known customers, make a great first impression, and improve with A/B testing. Create one-to-one personalized experiences at scale and see faster time to value.

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While you should consult your own legal counsel for any specific restrictions in statute states where you and your employees are located, so long as the texts are not marketing texts, the guidance above should generally apply. There are no statutory rules that govern when employers may contact employees, but this may be subject to your internal policies and notices you provide to employees. Sending texts during employees’ working hours will maximize employee satisfaction. Discover 7 SMS marketing automation campaign ideas and learn how to set them up.

However, of those 1,900 phone numbers, the attacker searched for three explicitly. Only one of those users has confirmed with Signal that their Signal account was hijacked. Twilio believes the attack to be coordinated and sophisticated well beyond the norm due to its apparently wide reach and persistence. Twilio partners were also affected, and the threat actors were able to match employee names to phone numbers. Though Twilio has worked with the US-based mobile carriers and domain hosts from which the attacks originated, the customer data is already in the hands of criminals.


You are most likely to qualify for this exception when sending a message that lowers the likelihood of harm in such a situation, such as a message advising employees to evacuate from or avoid a dangerous location. Employee SMS was designed to tackle the unique challenges of a fast-paced modern workforce. Healthcare providers, logistics personnel, and retail workers, among other professionals, don’t have instant access to email.

Find out how we have shaped consumer journeys for brands and companies from all sectors with our expertise in Targeted SMS marketing. A fundamental shift in the telecom sector is long overdue, but SMS security has become entrenched. Uprooting it entirely will likely prove difficult, but the alternative is kowtowing to hackers whose tools have become cheaper, faster and more effective than the best defenses SMS can offer. Explore analyst reports, white papers, survey data and customer stories. Jump in, join us and be part of creating the identity experience space.

ContactMonkey’s employee SMS tool lets you deliver urgent updates to employees quickly and reliably. Get inspired with success stories from customers and businesses just like yours. Top-notch content on online marketing, GetResponse products, and more.

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