Securities Fraud

Your portfolio is overconcentrated in a particular industry, type of investment or specific investment product. Let McCarthy Lebit’s tax lawyers help you keep more of your settlement or award. Investment fraud is anybody trying to cheat somebody else out of their money.

“Good positive experience. Guided us through a difficult process and was pleased with the outcome. Everyone I dealt with was exceptional.” In this modern age of scanning and email, prospective clients can send us documents from all over the country and internationally. If you are old fashioned and want to mail us your documents, that is fine too. We work to get our clients the best settlements or wins because the more you make, the more we make. Every detail of your ordeal and every document shared will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Stock Loss Lawyer

Sometimes unscrupulous stockbrokers and investment advisors take advantage of your trust, and you can find yourself facing the loss of your life savings. Whether your loss is due to unsuitable investment advice, conflicts of interest, or investment fraud, all you know is your retirement income is gone. If you suffered serious investment losses, you should consult with an investment fraud attorney immediately. The legal options available to you will depend on many different factors. In some stock loss scenarios, negligence of a stockbroker is the reason why you’ve lost out on your investment.

Whether they’re big or small losses, know that a stock market attorney can help you throughout the lawsuit. Regulatory InvestigationsIn today’s securities regulatory environment, it is imperative for a brokerage firm and/or its employees facing any type of regulatory inquiry to have the counsel of experienced securities regulatory authorities. Hiring an attorney to assist with your securities fraud case is almost essential to obtaining a positive outcome. The legal framework for dealing with fraudulent securities or investment trading is complex and requires an experienced lawyer to help you keep track of deadlines and relevant statutes. Perform thorough research into their credentials, client reviews, and ratings from legal organizations.

What Is Investment Fraud?

Most financial advisors are covered by the suitability rule, and other investment advisors are covered by the fiduciary duty rule. Almost every law firm will tell you its lawyers provide a “free initial consultation”, which usually means they’ll listen to your story and tell you how much they charge. We do an entire preliminary workup of your case, free of charge and without any obligation on your part to retain us. That’s the only way you and we can know whether you have valid and provable claims — the only kind of claims we handle. When customers offinancial servicesfirms notice investment losses, they are generally not familiar with the complex legal or regulatory issues that may constitute securities fraud, negligence, or other improper behavior.

You dont just get a lawyer; you get our whole team

This means that if you, as the consumer, do not get paid for any losses we can recover, then we do not get paid. We have assisted investors across the U.S., including Puerto Rico, as well as throughout the world, including countries throughout South and Central America, Mexico, Europe, and Asia. There are very few things you can do on your own when it comes to suing your broker. But with everything we’ve already mentioned about the reality of lawsuits, doing everything by yourself is another risk you wouldn’t want to take.

Helping investors recover their hard-earned investment losses while holding those responsible for the losses is what we do and have done for decades. Our securities lawyers and staff have more than 100 years of combined experience in the securities industry and in securities law. suffered losses in Carvana stock represents investors nationwide in securities arbitration and litigation matters.

Their boss might even force them to participate in the offense as extra assurance that their subordinate won’t go to the authorities. You might be tempted to seek advice from your financial advisor after you have sustained investment losses. However, they will likely tell you that markets are volatile and losses are to be expected.

One of the fastest ways for investors to recover losses from an investment firm or financial advisor is through a FINRA arbitration claim. Our mission is to be able to provide the highest quality legal services to clients involved in securities arbitration or investment litigation matters, with the highest level of personalized service and attention that each client deserves. Unnecessary financial losses are never easy for our clients to deal with or address.

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