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Every other plan on my list requires you to purchase an upgraded plan to support more than one site. This makes your transition to cheaper hosting a lot easier. If you don’t like what you see, you have more than a month to jump ship without paying a cent. The company has some of the happiest web hosting customers on the planet.

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Also, those looking to host a project with seasonal traffic needs (e.g. to accommodate peaks in traffic). GreenGeeks is a reliable web host for small to medium projects. It’s perfect for small bloggers and businesses that are looking for solid web hosting. Try for Zakelijke email adres to $28.99 a monthShould improve the speed, uptime is good. Try for freeFrom $8.95 to $16.95 a monthSpeed should be improved.

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The average downtime calculated for all the providers was 26 minutes 44 seconds. But Dreamhost demolished the competition with a microscopic total downtime of only 49 seconds. The high number of incidents likely means that there’s either a site on the same server that’s hogging up resources or there are way too many sites on the server in general. Over a 30-day period, they maintained a 99.68% uptime, the lowest percentage out of all the other web hosts, and a total downtime of 2 hours, 22 minutes, and 22 seconds.

However, for short-term contracts, you can choose DreamHost, in which you can pick month-by-month plans. Dedicated hosting as opposed to the shared hosting option, offers complete server control and a dedicated physical server. Both VPS and dedicated hosting require higher technical expertise and are recommended for mid to larger companies with heavy traffic. Choosing good and cheap web hosting for your website doesn’t have to be expensive–affordable web hosting can also be high quality.

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You get the best pricing without the risk of a long-term subscription. Above all else, Hostinger starts cheaper in year one than any other hosting provider and stays the cheapest with the most affordable renewal rate. Find answers to frequently asked questions about our cheap web hosting service.

I would suggest that you check SiteGroundand DreamHost if you want a top-performing shared web hosting service. And if you would like to see our latest performance tests, read this article. With Cloudways you can spend hundreds a month on web hosting, but surprisingly, they also offer affordable cloud hosting for the smaller websites, which starts at $10 a month. WordPress site owners that want a decent web hosting provider at affordable rates. If you have more than 1 website it won’t be ideal for you, and advanced users may find its dashboard a bit too limited. GreenGeeks aren’t the most popular web hosting provider you’ll find, but 50,000 customers trust their websites, and they’ve already been around for over a decade.

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